We're building the human-first recruitment solution.

Our platform leverages interactive video and psychology to engage, assess and develop talent pools fitted to your business and culture.

People & Precision

edease is backed by science and technology, but our approach is person-centred. We weave scientific recruitment into the fabric of your business, driving strategic effectiveness and ROI.


Video education, powered by interactivity

Our first-of-its kind platform uses world-class production and science backed pedagogy to teach candidates about the working reality of jobs while assessing essential skills and cultural fit.

Interactivity = engagement + data

One place for learners develop job-ready skills as they learn from multiple companies, enabling businesses and people to freely connect.

Dynamic assessments

Our proprietary technology gauges the technical ability of candidates as they learn- all before a shortlist is generated.

Expert Storytelling

With our production partners we work with to create scripts that capture the essence of the job and company in short bursts.

Learning by Design

For each frame of film, interactive layering and the scripting are all designed to maximise learning and knowledge retention.

'Real World' Education

An online environment to learn directly from companies and the real world skills & qualities they look for in people.

Skills Gaps

Industry needs continue to move beyond the fruits education. We solve this by helping industry deliver the education, from the inside.


Join a growing network of companies and job-seekers

Connect to talent in a new way. As potential hires explore content on your jobs and industry, you receive live data on their skills and capabilities.

Discover employees that build value, all before you've read a single CV.

Find the right people for the right jobs

It's hard to tell the strength and potential of a candidate from credentials alone.

edease de-risks the hiring process with role-based interactive education and research-lead assessments to make sure your hires hit the ground running.

Make data-driven hiring decisions

Ensure you equip your decision makers with reason and evidence - not wishful thinking. Our tools support you at every stage of the process.

- Predisposition Assessment
- Motivational Indicators

Authentic insights deliver real results.

Aligning a person to the intrinsic nature of a job delivers engaged, motivated people that stay long term.


Reduce employee churn


Deep satisfaction and enjoyment in work


Improve performance outcomes


We optimise for job-person fit
Our solutions find people who are fitted to your particular business environment, accelerating company goals and impacting bottom line.

Assess your experts and job

We create a model of the job from the drivers and conditions of performance specific to experts in the role at your organisation with a short survey.

Build a framework for success

Our data produces a job-model and psychological framework against which to assess compatibility, driven purely by what is required for success.

Create bespoke video education

Branded interactive video shows the authentic nature of the role, while integrating job requirements and essential skills.

Find the right people

For compatibility, we measure the individual's predispositions and motivators. Our system algorithmically connects the right talent to the right opportunities for you.

Deliver an optimised shortlist

Tech-enabled candidate insights measure the degree of cultural, psychological and technical ‘fit’ between potential hires and the nature of your work and organisation.

CSR covered, ahead of time.

Our platform uses a blind screening method to assess candidates on skill alone, the rest is just noise. Elevate your brand with actionable CSR in-built to your selection process.


Individual profiles are strictly anonymous, removing biases from the selection process.


Candidates are judged purely on their competence in relevant skills.


An online, open platform extends opportunities equally across national and international borders.

The 360° Method

Finding the right person for the job is more than choosing from the best universities - stop missing those who have hidden potential, and investing time into those who aren't suitable. We look at who a person is, provide them with in-depth analyses to develop themselves, and help find work that they'll find naturally engaging.

New World:

  • Predispostions
  • Career motivations
  • Industry educated
  • Culturally fitted
  • Technically assessed

Old World:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Degree
  • Work Experience
  • Location
As part of our new world approach, the 360 approach to understanding potential is a suite of tools and techniques also accessible as stand-alone offerings.

Behavioural maps for individuals, teams and organizations.

Meet the GPI™. A tool developed through decades of scientific personality and organizational research. We use gold-standard psychometrics to grow you professionally,  build incredible teams, and unlock performance potential from the bottom up.

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