Coronavirus Response Tool

Using psychological predisposition to enable companies to more effectively target the management of employees to ensure that both they and the company remain happy and healthy.

What is the Coronavirus Response Tool?

The rationale

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. Perhaps the biggest challenge for workers and companies is in managing economic needs whilst handling extreme change in working conditions. Many people and companies may have been thrown into remote working for the first time and are feeling out how best to implement and change procedures.

Our customers have been telling us there is a need for a tool which helps companies, managers and employees to know how best to cope with this extreme change. Whilst some people relish the opportunity to work alone, others may find the lack of structure adversely affecting their productivity and happiness. It is sensible to know the predispositions of your people and allow them to know themselves.

Why us

edease has teamed up with Dr. Steve Glowinkowski, a world leading psychologist, whose life’s work has been the study of what successful people do differently. He has worked both in academia and in industry working for, and consulting to, some of the world’s leading companies.

Dr. Glowinkowski has developed the GPI™ (Global Predisposition Indicator), a measure of how an individual prefers to behave rather than how an individual chooses to behave. GPI™ consists of 19 bipolar dimensions, all developed for and tailored towards application in a working environment. Whilst this broad array of dimensions give unparalleled detail for a measure of personality, they are combined in the GPI™ to produce three simple feedback models of everyday working life.

GPI™ data is utilised in a very practical way thus allowing even the most sceptical of psychometric clients to walk away and feel either that this is useful to them personally, their organisation, or both.

You can read the 'Developing GPI' paper here.

The product

Supporting and managing individuals

The edease Coronavirus Response Tool uses GPI™ to assess the fundamental behavioural predispositions of an individual which provides a picture of who they are and how they are likely to react to situations. More specifically we see it as an accurate prediction of the individuals' reaction to the constraints and opportunities of the current environment. It can predict reaction to:

  • the lack of structure caused through having to work from home;
  • the impact of reduced colleague and team interactions;
  • the impact of working alone;
  • the strain of virtual communication;
  • the impact of ambiguity or lack of clarity about the future;
  • personal reaction to change; and
  • managing stress and anxiety

By using the Coronavirus Response Tool it is possible to tailor the most appropriate form of management and support for each individual. This means that the mental health check-ins actually mean something. Vulnerable employees can have enhanced support and those that are less likely to need support don't feel as though they are being too highly managed.

Mitigating corporate risks

Uncertainty inherently causes problems and the Coronavirus Response Tool identifies risks for individuals or groups. We can work with leaders and HR teams to set plans to mitigate these risks and ensure that productivity and efficiency are maintained through the challenges that coronavirus is creating.

The future of work

Social distancing is likely to remain in place for some time and so the number of available seats in the office will be significantly reduced. We can work with companies to help craft their back to normality plans by identifying employees that are likely to be best suited for returning to the office and those for home working.

How the Base product works

An Individual takes the GPI™ assessment

The GPI™ is a 182 question multiple choice assessment. It typically takes 30 - 40 minutes to complete.

These questions have been honed over 40 years to ensure that they yield a truly reflective set of answers by using non-pejorative terms and working towards options that do not have socially desirable responses - simplistically, it is designed so it cannot be gamed, rather it provides a true reflection of the individual.

An example of the GPI output

GPI™ profile

The GPI™ feedback describes a ‘comfort zone’ or ‘discomfort zone’ for behaviours across three primary feedback models. These models are Problem-Solving and Implementation Style, Communication and Interpersonal Style and Feelings and Self-Control.

The profile allows individuals to see what their predispositions are and predict their 'bad day behaviour'. This means that they can easily identify areas for self development and focus.

There is no good or bad, no right or wrong - you are what you are.

Aggregated GPI™ profile

As part of the Base product we provide the company with an aggregated set of GPI™ feedback.

This enables companies to have an easy to view overview of a team or a group of employees. This is helpful for identifying the individuals for specific help.

This also forms the basis for the add-on products which provide greater insight into teams.

An example of an aggregated set of GPI profiles

The add-ons


Using the GPI™ feedback for each individual. Our psychology team will prepare a Team Report.

This report details the complex relationships between individuals with different personalities, roles and objectives. The report helps leaders understand how each member works and the importance they each play in the team’s performance.

A sample team report can be viewed here.


The Bespoke add-on uses the Enhanced add-on to form the basis of a breakdown delivered by a qualified and licensed GPI™ practitioner.

This session is a detailed step by step breakdown of the Team Report, a questions and answers session and planning that are all highly specific to your employees, business and industry.

This is typically a day of feedback and will be delivered virtually.


The Coronavirus Response Tool can be used as the standalone Base product, or can be combined with more in depth add-ons.

Per user
Global Predisposition Index assessment
Individual feedback though PDF report
Summary aggregate corporate climate PDF report
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Our add-ons are purchased in combination with the Base product. Both depend on the number of users and the level of reporting you require.

Typical per user cost
Team Report prepared by our psychology team.
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Per day consulting
Detailed feedback session delivered by a GPI™ practitioner
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